Famous Ukrainian Beer

Obolon” — traditions of success


On May 25, 2005 Closed Joint Stock Company “Obolon” celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this period the leading Ukrainian producer of beer and soft drinks went its way from Kyiv brewery No.3 to the great national company.


The story of success of the CJSC “Obolon” dates back to 1980 when the official opening of the Kyiv brewery took place and the first beer was brewed and bottled. Today, besides brewing beer, Obolon produces low-alcohol drinks, soft drinks and mineral waters are also produced there.


Nowadays CJSC “Obolon” is the company with the solely national capital. The Company consists of the head plant and three local breweries. 20 thousand employees are working for the Company and for its partners’ enterprises. Today “Obolon” is the leading, technologically advanced enterprise which ranks among the three biggest breweries of Europe and is the most up-to-date among them. Some very important steps for technological improvements and development of the head plant of the Closed Joint Stock Company have been taken during 2004. The new filling line with production speed of 110 thousand bottles per hour, the most powerful beer bottling complex in Ukraine and the new brewing lines were put into operation; the new brewing standards were introduced; 20 new CCTs (cylinder-conical tanks) for fermentation and after-fermentation of beer were installed. These innovations contributed to increasing of output volumes of stable high quality products.


Year after year CJSC “Obolon”, for the joy of its consumers, introduces novelties which support its motto “Every year a new step forward”.

Beer portfolio is formed by four brands “Obolon”, “Magnat”, “hike” and “Desant”.

Brand “Obolon” is one of the oldest at the Ukraine domestic beer market. It combines high quality, competitiveness, estimation and stable loyalty of the consumers.

CJSC “Obolon” was the first company in Ukraine to start export deliveries of beer to European countries and the USA. Now 83,4% of exported beer accrues to the Trade Mark “Obolon”. CJSC “Obolon” exports its products to many countries of the world, among them are: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Great Britain, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia, the USA and Taiwan.