Famous Ukrainian Beer


New brewing line and new ZKTs


                 The new brewing line was officially launched on August, 4, 2004.  All installation and start-up works were also performed by Ziemann which is one of world top producers of modern equipment for the brewing industry. Ziemann has been an Obolon's partner for a long time and has provided its best specialists for this project, since the brew-house is one of the most important departments of the brewery, a technological heart of the brewery, so to say.


The new brew-house is equipped with three mush-tuns, a brew kettle, whirlpool and with the biggest in Ukraine filter vat with 11.5 m in diameter. Productive capacity of the new brewing line is 12 000 decaliters per one brew.  All technological processes are automatic. Technological processes are controlled by the newest computer programs, using of which almost excludes mistakes, the so called human factor. Automatic program guarantees high and stable quality of beer.  In the construction of the new brewing line the heat reclamation system is used. Heat produced during the brew is saved and used for heating of wort and water at the pre-brewing stage of wort preparation. 


As already mentioned above, together with the new brewing line 20 ZKTs  were launched. They have impressive dimensions: each has diameter of 7.2 m (by this parameter they are the biggest not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe), capacity of 600 000 liters and weights about 50 tons. They are perfectly smooth inside. It considerably simplifies washing of these huge vessels. It allows to guarantee high microbiological purity of equipment and thus guarantee perfect quality of beer and increase its stability.


Such a considerable step forward in technological development was possible due to strong innovation drive and huge investments (over $50 mln).  Considerable increase in productive capacity will allow Obolon to satisfy an increased demand for its products sold everywhere in Ukraine and in 18 countries of the world. The quality of the products is provided by modern technologies  and confirmed by international ISO certificate


Bottling line, productivity 110 000 bottles per hour


             Experts say that so far the line is the most perfect in terms of technology level line in the world.  Even more powerful European breweries don't have technological novelties that are used at the new bottling line of our plant. For example, the line is equipped with the biggest in the world bottle-washing machine which was especially designed to provide   high productivity of the line giving 110 000 clean bottles per hour.


Rejection of  glass bottles at such enormous speed  is effected by automatic inspector, which precisely checks integrity of every bottle. The newest mono-blocks are machines that pour beer into bottles. They provide the highest quality of bottle sealing by eliminating air from getting in the bottle together with beer. It increases stability and improves flavor of beer.


The whole production process is automatic. The line is equipped with six robots that work non-stop.  They participate in unloading of empty bottles, in feed-motion of bottles to bottle-washing machines, in sorting and packaging of the end product. Beer is bottled into bottles, bottles are packed into boxes, boxes are placed on pallets and pallets are brought directly into trucks on special conveyers. Loading, unloading and consequently production registration is fully computerized. It allows to control and coordinate logistics issues.   


 Starting of new line has costed more than $20 mln to the brewery.


Filtration department


             Filtration is an important stage of beer production. In 2003 Obolon bought the newest candle filter Inopro Getra ECO produced by German company KHS for its filtration department. Precoat candle filter is a cylindrical vertical tank with conical bottom which is able to withstand overpressure. Under the filter's lid there a perforated grid from which filtering candles are suspended. Filtering candles are filtering plates  which are covered by filtering substance called kieselguhr.  Such appliance has very big surface which guarantees high productivity of filter. Besides, it has no moving parts. The candle filter also has numerous pipelines, connections,  controlling and measuring apparatus. No oxygen must get into beer, and all additional elements of the filter are attached in a way that prevents it.


Obolon therefore has provided itself with enough filtration capacity for increased productivity of the whole brewery.


Own malt-house


             We all know, that flavorful tasty beer is made of high quality malt.  The majority of Ukrainian breweries get it already prepared from local or foreign suppliers. Obolon company has chosen another way and produces its own malt. Brewery's malt-house produced its first malt in 1981. Since then the malt-house has been rebuilt many times. In 1985-1997 installation of three new dryers  has allowed to considerably increase malt-house productive capacity.


Besides, the germinating department was reconstructed, new agitators were installed. Modern Belgian fans were installed instead of the old cumbersome ones. In 2001 according to malt production department productivity increase program, sieves of germinating department were consolidated. In has allowed to increase the loading of malting-floors up to 80 tons in each. New steeping tanks of high productivity were bought. All these changes have allowed to achieve high level of malt production and its high quality.


In order to provide the malt-house with barley and save ready malt, Obolon  has its own elevator dominating over the brewery's territory.  The  elevator is, so to say, a mechanized grain barn. It consists of three parts - malt tower, barley tower and working tower and is a rather big grain depot. Its silo block consists of 191 silos in which 28 thousand tons of grain can be stored.


Increasing quantitative indices, Obolon never forgets about quality. Due to  conscientious work of malt-house workers Obolon gets malt of exceptional quality. All sorts of beer are produced only of high quality malt that gives nice taste, wonderful color and  stable froth.